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What is the Canny Collar?
Unlike other dog walking devices which fasten under the chin, the lead fastens behind your dog's head on the Canny Collar. This represents an innovative and unique design in dog behaviour training on lead.

How does the Canny Collar work?
Canny CollarThe Canny Collar works by a simple 'pressure and release' system. When your dog is pulling on the lead, gentle pressure is applied to the bridge of his nose. As soon as he learns to stop pulling, the pressure is released. This effortless 'dog training' method simply harnesses what most owners do naturally when their dog pulls - they pull back! When the pressure releases, your dog quickly realises that by not pulling on the lead and walking at your side with the lead loose, both of you can enjoy your walk without either one of you choking or panting!

Not another Headcollar!?
Pulling on lead is one of the most common dog behaviour problems and so there are many headcollars on the market which claim to cure it. The Canny Collar should be thought of more as a dog training collar rather than a headcollar. As the name suggests, a headcollar encompasses the whole of your dog's head. The Canny Collar fits only around the nose, gently guiding from behind the head, so that your dog is less restricted and more comfortable. It also does not jerk the head sideways (which in some cases can cause injury to your dog's neck) nor ride up into the eyes. As the Canny Collar operates from both sides of your dog's head, gentle pressure is all that is needed for it to work. It is a kind, safe and effective method of dog training.

The other main difference between the Canny Collar and other dog training equipment is that your dog will be unable to neither paw it off his face nor become tangled if the lead is kept short and loose. Dog walking trials have shown that dogs accept the Canny Collar for lead training comparatively quickly and easily when compared to a headcollar.

Dog Training made Easy
Dog training has never been easier than with a Canny Collar! Its unique design means the single slip line over your dog's nose looks unobtrusive and kinder to your dog. The collar can be used like a 'dog training lead' by alternately flicking the slip line on and off your dog's nose, eventually training him to walk on a conventional flat collar.

Common positive reinforcement dog training methods such as clicker training or food based reward training can be combined with use of the Canny Collar. It can also be left on your dog when he is let off lead by using the optional carabiner clips.

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